FEI Teneo Volume Scope – University of Copenhagen

FEI Teneo Volume Scope

Main Features

Highest quality isotropic 3D data from large sample volumes

Teneo VSTM is a novel serial block-face imaging solution that combines mechanical and optical sectioning using FEI's multi-energy deconvolution technology to facilitate automated acquisition of large sample volumes at isotropic resolution.

Large-volume SEM by combining serial block-face imaging with Multi-Energy Deconvolution

Unraveling complex 3D architecture of cells and tissues in their natural context is crucial for the structure function correlation in biological systems. Serial Block-Face SEM (SBF-SEM) combines in situ sectioning and imaging of plastic embedded tissue blocks within the SEM vacuum chamber in a fully automated fashion for reconstruction of large tissue volumes. With a combination of SBF-SEM and Multi-Energy Deconvolution SEM (MED-SEM), the Teneo VS enables large-volume imaging with truly isotropic 3D resolution.

Isotropic 3D data

Teneo VS offers a novel solution to improve the axial resolution by combining mechanical sectioning with optical sectioning, realized by FEI’s proprietary MED-SEM. Following in situ sectioning of the block-face using a diamond knife, the freshly exposed tissue is imaged several times using increasing accelerating voltages.
These images are subsequently used in a deconvolution algorithm to derive several optical subsurface layers, forming a 3D subset. By repeating this cycle, Teneo VS offers isotropic datasets with less than 10 nm z-resolution.

Truly isotropic 3D data from large volumes

Excellent z-resolution from Multi-Energy Deconvolution SEM combined with the efficiency of in situ sectioning.

Highest contrast and resolution on all samples

Highest contrast and optimal SNR with in-lens and in-column detectors for HiVac, as well as dedicated detectors for optimal resolution in LoVac.

Simple switch between normal SEM use and serial block face imaging

Compact, stage-mounted microtome allowing easy exchange.


Field emission gun

Beam current range: 1 pA to 400nA
Landing energy range: 20 eV – 30 keV*
Accelerating voltage range: 350 eV – 30 keV


Serial block face imaging detector
T1 segmented lower in-lens detector
STEM retractable segmented detector

Sample Holders

Standard multi-purpose holder, unique mounting directly onto the stage, hosts up to 18 standard stubs (Ø12 mm), three pre-tilted stubs, two vertical and two pre-tilted row-bar holders* (38 degrees and 90 degrees).

Each optional row-bar accommodates 6 S/TEM grids.


Teneo VS is controlled by a single integrating software interface, MAPS, that permits convenient importing of images from CorrSight or any other light microscope. Direct correlation and targeting of particular regions of interest (e.g. based on fluorescence staining) is straightforward and easy. The final results can be easily visualized and analyzed using the world’s leading 3D imaging software, Amira™ for Life Sciences. This powerful SW package can be used to directly import the data produced by Teneo VS not only for processing, but more importantly for visualization and analysis.