Morgagni 268

The Morgagni 268 is an easy to use TEM microscope for the purpose of standard ultrastructural investigations. It can be used for various sample types including conventional and negatively stained. It is equipped with a side mount
MegaView III camera with a resolution of 1376 x 1032 (1.4 x 1) Wideview.

Morgagni 268


Filament type

  • Tungsten emitter

Accelerating Voltage (HT):

  • 40KV - 100kV

Magnification range:

  • 18 x - 180.000 x


Multiple Image Alignment (MIA),

allows you to record a serie of images which are stitched together into one large image. The benefit of an MIA image over a single image recorded at a lower magnification is that you get higher resolution.

Image recording and processing

is done via the ITEM software. The Morgagni 268 is connected to a Support PC that is on the SUND network. You can either move your images to your network location, or copy them to your personal HD/USB flash drive connected to the Support PC.