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Titan Krios

The Titan Krios™ G3 transmission electron microscope (TEM) is tailored for use in protein and cellular imaging.  Its cryo-based technology and stability permits a full range of semi-automated applications including:

  • Single particle analysis.
  • Dual-axis cellular tomography.
  • Cryo-electron microscopy.
  • 2D electron crystallography of frozen hydrated cell organelles and cells.

The Titan Krios G3 is a powerful and flexible high resolution electron microscope for 3D characterization of biological samples. The innovative enclosed platform design combines an excellent optical performance and thermal and mechanical stability.

The Autoloader™ sample loader allows for automatic loading of up to 12 samples.  The flexibility of operating the Titan Krios G3 in the range of 80-300 kV allows for optimizing high tension to the requirements of the material under examination—ranging from vitrified suspensions to unstained cryo sections.

 Features included in the Titan Krios:

  • FEI Falcon™ direct electron detector

The FEI Falcon Detector is based on direct electron detection using complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) technology. Due to the radiation damage and signal saturation, conventional charged-coupled devices (CCD) cannot be in direct contact with electrons. Therefore, CCD’s rely on a scintillation layer to convert electrons to photons which can then be digitized. During the electron-to photon conversion process the spatial resolution of the information is reduced. FEI’s Falcon Detector avoids the intermediate light conversion step required for conventional scintillated CCD detectors and as a result the spatial resolution of information is retained and digitized.

  • FEI Volta Phase Plate Ultimate Contrast Enhancement for 3D Cryo-TEM Imaging

    FEI Volta Phase Plate increases contrast and retrieves more information from delicate biological samples.  The FEI Volta Phase Plate is the ideal companion to demanding cutting-edge Cryo-TEM biological research.

  • EPU–Automated Single Particles Acquisition Software

EPU is a reliable, easy-to-use application that collects from tens of thousands up to millions of molecular views of a biological object in a quasi-automated fashion. Typically, it takes less than one hour to set up an EPU session that can run for days.  It’s possible to collect more than one million particles in a four-day session.