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Processing computers

Six computers are available at CFIM for processing your data. Their use is free of charge, but booking is recommended: people who booked have priority.

The computers are named after famous scientists whose work led to tremendous developments in the field of microscopy.

  • August Köhler

    Zen Black (full), Zen Blue (Full), Fiji,  iTEM,Inspect3D, Adobe DesignSuite

    >> CFIM Museum - right

  • Frits Zernike

    Zen Black, Zen Blue, Fiji, iTEM,  AdobeDesignSuite 

     >> CFIM Museum - middle

  • Ernst Abbe

    Zen Black, Zen Blue, Fiji, iTEM, TIA, Imod, Amira

    >> CFIM Museum - left

  • Ernst Ruska

    Zen Blak, Zen Blue, Fiji, Imod

    >> CFIM Meeting room - right

  • Manfred von Ardenne

    Zen Black, Zen Blue, Fiji, iTEM, TIA, Sigma Plot

    >> CFIM Meeting room - left

  • Mats Gustaffson

    Support PC for Elyra - Zen Black

    >> Elyra room