Questions and Answers about CFIM rates

If you wonder about rates at CFIM, and your questions is not answered in the Q&A below, do not hesitate to contact us.

Q: Which user category do I belong to?

A: It depends on your affiliation. If you are affiliated to the SUND faculty, your are a SUND user. If you are an academic from another faculty/university, you belong to the visiting academia group. If you work for a company, you are a commercial visitor.

Q: How is the basic fee calculated?

A: The basic fees estimated on the basis of maintenance costs only. They are valid Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 18:00.

Q: What are the different support levels?

A: The support levels refer to the fluency of users regarding the use of the microscope.

Q: What are the different discounts?

A: There are three types of discounts:

  • The night and weekend discount: 50%.
  • The long experiments discount: - 25% after the 6th hour, and - 50% after the 12th hour.
  • The extensive usage discount: - 20% if you have spent more than 3500DKK over the past 30 days, and - 40% if you have spent more than 5500DKK over the past 30 days.

Q: I have reached 40% discount on my bookings and will now book a microscope in the weekend. Will I get combined discounts (weekend/night rate and ‘high usage discount’)?

A: No, the discounts cannot be combined. You will get the weekend rate as it gives you the best rate (50%).

Q: All my hours are outside normal hours (after 18:00 and in weekends). Will I get a discount if I am entitled to either ‘high usage discount’ or ‘long experiments discount’?

A: No, the rate of a microscope will never go below 50% of the original rate. The discounts only apply to day rates.

Q: I have started a long experiment at 9:00. After 15:00, the 25% discount kicks in, but what happens if the experiment continues after 18:00 (night rate)?

A: The night rate takes over at 18:00, giving you 50% discount. If the experiment continues through to the next day the discount is still 50% since it has exceeded 12 hours.

Q: How do I know whether I am entitled to discount?

A: In the near future, you will be able to check your current discount status on your ‘Usage’ –tab on CFIM booking.

Q: I have a session where the third hour out of 5 hours crosses the first threshold for discount (DKK 3.500). How is the discount calculated?

A: The system calculates the discount of the hours exceeding the discount limits (DKK 3.500 and DKK 5.500). The discount will be applied to those hours of your booking which are entitled to a discount. In this case you would get a 20% discount on the last two hours.

Q: I need support. Will I get a discount on the support hours?

A: No, the discounts are only applicable to microscope usage rates – not to support rates.

Q: I am working for a company. Am I entitled to discounts?

A: Yes, companies are entitled to nights and weekends discounts.

Q: All my normal sessions are during weekends/nights but once in a while I need a microscope during day hours. How are the discounts calculated?

A: The discounts are calculated based on the full hourly rate of a microscope. Therefore microscope hours spent in weekends count double in the discount calculation. However, only day hours are entitled to a discount.