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User rules & Regulations 

General rules

First time use of microscopes
All users, even the experienced ones, must be trained by CFIM staff before using any microscope for the first time. Therefore, a new user will always start with full support.

Opening hours and access to CFIM 
Standard access to CFIM is from 8 am to 6 pm. If you need to work after 6 pm or in the weekend, please contact us at

Since CFIM is open 24h per day, please make sure that the door is properly closed when entering and leaving.

Users are responsible for whom they allow into the core facility.

Food, drinks and cleaning
No kind of food is allowed inside the microscope rooms or labs. Beverages are allowed in the rooms with light microscopes - except the GMO1 certified rooms - but only on the laptop tables on the left wall. No beverages are allowed in the rooms with electron microscopes.

Leave the microscope rooms, laboratory and other spaces at CFIM clean and ready for the next user (hopefully, as you found it). Please notify the staff if you find that any of the Core Facility's areas are in an unacceptable state.

Booking and cancellation

Online booking
In order to use a microscope, you must book time by using the online booking calendar

Bookings are personal
You are not allowed to book a microscope for someone else.

Booking with support
When booking with support, you can book latest 24h ahead.

Punctuality is a must even on evenings and weekends. If you need more time than you booked, please check the booking calendar and if free, you may book the required extra time. If you cannot, please e-mail us stating how long you used the system for. It is your responsibility to keep the ratio between booking and usage close to 1.

Invoicing is based on both booking and usage time. In general, billing will be based on your booked time; however, if the ratio between used time (time log on) and booked time is much higher than 1, the log-on time will be taken into account.

If you need to cancel your session, please do so in the booking calendar as soon as possible. Thereby, another use can book the microscope.

Cancelling in the booking calendar is only possible up to 24h prior to your session. If you need to cancel with a shorter notice, please send an e-mail to Thereby, we can inform the user before you that you will not be using the system. This is very important if you are the last user of the day on any of the confocal systems. If a laser is left on overnight a fine of DKK 300 will be charged for each laser.

Light microscopes

After use, you should clean any oil/water objectives. If you have not received instruction on how to clean objectives properly, please contact a member of the staff.

Turning off the microscope
Before leaving, check whether the microscope is booked within the next two hours on our website from the work stations in the meeting room. If a microscope is not booked within the next two hours, please turn the system off as described in the microscope instructions. The argon laser should be left in the "power idle" position.

The argon laser
If you leave the microscope for more than 20 minutes, please leave the argon laser in the "power idle" position to prolong its lifetime.

If you find the lasers turned off or on when they should not have been so, please inform us.

Report problems
If you detect any problems when using a microscope, please report it by sending an e-mail to and make a note in the incidence report book.

If you have any doubts on how to use the microscope and you cannot find the answer in the microscope instructions of use, please contact Thomas Braunstein 5052 8833, Laure Plantard 2935 4961 or Clara Prats 2494 2522. 

Electron Microscopes

User manuals
The user manuals for electron microscopes are placed in the different electron microscopes rooms. Please read about rules etc.

If you have any comments or questions regarding the microscopes, please contact Klaus Qvortrup 2875 7251.


Rates can be found here

Workdays between 6pm - 6am and holidays/weekends:
On workdays from 6pm to 6am, on holidays and in weekends, the rate for using CFIM's microscopes is half price.

Support between 8am - 4pm
Please note that CFIM staff offers support between 8am - 4pm on workdays. Therefore, if you require support, you can only use the CFIM microscopes during this period of time. If you have "do-it-yourself" rights, you are welcome to use CFIM's microscopes any time, 7 days a week.

Wet Cell Prep Lab

CFIM is equipped with a Wet Cell Prep Lab which you are welcome to use for the final preparation steps prior to live cell imaging.  


Storage of data
CFIM is not responsible for your data. After using a microscope or support PC, please erase any files from the hard drives. Any data left on the hard-drives will be deleted. Therefore, you should store all data on your network drive (P: or Q:). Furthermore, all data older than 1 year and stored on the CFIMdata network drive will be automatically deleted.

Internet access
If you want to access the internet, please bring your own laptop and use CFIM's LAN or WiFi. For security reasons, surfing the internet, downloading files, checking your e-mail account etc. are not allowed from a CFIM computer.


If you have used a CFIM microscope to optain results which will be published in a paper you write, please make sure to acknowledge CFIM.

In addition, we would be grateful to receive a pdf version of the paper in which CFIM has been acknowledged. Thereby, your paper will also be published on our website. 

How to acknowledge CFIM
"We acknowledge the Core Facility for Integrated Microscopy, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen.".