Light microscopy two-day crash course

New date!! 23rd and 25th of August 2017
Registration is open

This condensed course is aimed at everybody, who wants to understand the basic principles of optics and fluorescence in microscopy. Theoretical lectures are followed by practicals. The course will cover:

Basic Principles of microscopy

  • Optics of the microscope
  • Diffraction, Resolution and Contrast

Fluorescence and Confocal Microscopy

  • Fluorescence microscopy (fluorophores, illumination…)
  • Basic Confocal microscopy (lasers, multi-dimensional image acquisition, live imaging …)


Next course:
23rd and 25th of August 2017  

Minimum / Maximum number of participants:
12 / 18

Register here.

The course will be confirmed two-weeks before it should take place, and free cancellation is only allowed until the 31st of July.

Prices: Academic 2500 DKK  / Commercial  5000 DKK

ECTs Credits: Ph.D. students will be entitled to apply for ECTs credits via this form.

Provisional programme:

Day 1
09:00 Light, Resolution and Magnification
09:45 The Microscope, Conjugate Planes and Contrast techniques
Coffee break
Abbe’s diffraction experiments (Video - Peter Evennett)
11:20 Practical 1 (3 rotations - 30min each)
  • Aperture & Conjugated planes on Optical bench (LP)
  • Resolution (THB)
  • Köhler illumination and conjugated planes (CP)
12:50 Lunch break
13:30 Introduction to fluorescence
14:15 Coffee break
14:30 Light sources, detectors and principles of confocal microscopy
15:00 Practical 2,  3 groups in parallel - 1h
Intro to confocal microscopes, setting Köhler and DIC on LSM
Day 2
09:00 Laser scanning confocal microscopy
Colocalization analysis – important considerations
09:45 Practical considerations before image acquisition
Live Imaging strategies
11:00 Coffee break
11:15 Practical 3, rotation 1 - 1h30
  • Testing resolution and optimizing dynamic range
  • Acquiring confocal data – multi channel design
  • Spinning Disk and TIRF
12:45 Lunch
13:30 Practical 3, rotation 2 - 1h30
On the run Coffee
15:00 Practical 3, rotation 3 - 1h30