In the Media

On this page, we provide you with an overview of news articles which are based upon findings produced by use of one or more of CFIM's microscopes.

15 September 2017 | A study for which imaging was done at CFIM is getting noticed in the media:
- 'Shape-shifting' bacteria spotted on International Space Station
- Alarming Study Indicates Why Certain Bacteria Are More Resistant to Drugs in Space
- Why bacteria 'shapeshift' in space
- Fight against 'superbugs' takes CU Boulder research to space

31 August 2017 | Article about CFIM in Copenhagen Science City
Unique microscopy facility open for business

08 August 2016 | Article about CFIM in Imaging and Microscopy
Microscopy at the core

12 June 2014 l Art exhibition
An image recorded at CFIM part of Copenhagen Photo festival

15 August 2012 l Digital Journal
Scientists develop new method to spot infections

August 2012 l Cell Picture Show