Master Your Multiscale Challenge
Tools and Techniques for 3D Microscopy

Scanning electron microscopes (SEMs) are increasingly used in biomedical research to obtain large volume data of biological samples. With an SEM you are not limited to grid-mounted samples and it is possible to produce hundreds of serial sections and investigate automatically in the SEM. Furthermore, blocks of cells or tissue can be processed directly in the microscope to produce large 3D volumes of pre-selected target areas. Using the latest software, this functionality offers a straightforward integration with other microscopy techniques such as fluorescence, laser scanning, and X-Ray microscopy. Applying these modalities enables you to combine functional and ultra-structural information across length-scales.

Join us for an insight into the applications of instruments and software for automated 3D X-ray microscopy, electron microscopy and correlative imaging techniques.

Programme highlights:

• Modern Methods in 3D SEM Imaging
• X-ray Microscopy in Life Sciences
• Multi-beam SEM
• Correlative Microscopy, incl. Confocal Microscopy
• Open Discussion

Date: 26th of February 2018
Location: Faculty Club, Panum Institute, University of Copenhagen, Building 16, 6th floor, room 16, Nørre Allé 20, 2200 Copenhagen N
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