4th Nordic Super Resolution Workshop

11th of May 2016 • Copenhagen, Denmark

The Nordic Super Resolution Workshops bring together researchers from the Nordic countries working with Super Resolution. This year, SIM, dSTORM/PALM, STED as well as Correlative SIM-dSTORM, will be represented, with an emphasis on practical aspects with speakers coming from England, Germany, Switzerland and Denmark. We look forward to seeing you in Copenhagen!

09:00 Registration opens
10:00 Welcome address

Lothar Schermelleh
Micron Oxford, Department of Biochemistry, University of Oxford, England
Functional chromatin organisation studied by multimodal 3D super-resolution imaging
Camilla Stampe Jensen
Department of Biomedical Sciences, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Ion Channel Clustering in the Axon Initial Segment Revealed by Super-Resolution Imaging
11:00 Elisabeth Corcelle-Termeau
Cell Death and Metabolism Unit, Danish Cancer Research Center, Denmark
11:20 Hans Thorn
Carl Zeiss AB
News from Zeiss
11:50 Lunch break
13:00 Jonas Ries
Cell Biology and Biophysics Unit, EMBL, Germany
Towards structural cell biology with superresolution microscopy
13:30 Sebastian van de Linde
Department of Biotechnology & Biophysics, University of Würzburg, Germany
Nanoscale resolution and subdiffraction artifacts in localization microscopy
14:00 Eva Arnsprang Christensen
Department of Clinical Medicine And iNANO, Aarhus University, Denmark
Photoactivated Localisation Microscopy in Combination with Pair Correlation (PC_PALM) Reveals Regulated Plasma Membrane Nanoscaled Clustering of the Water Channel Aquaporin-3
14:20 Coffee Break
15:00 Arne Seitz
Bioimaging and Optics Platform, EPFL, Switzerland
SIM-dSTORM correlation microscopy: challenges, pitfalls and opportunities.
15:30 Kim Mortensen
DTU - Nanotech, Denmark
Optimized data-analytic tools for localization-based super-resolution microscopy
16:00 Jonathan Brewer
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Southern Denmark, Odense
16:30 Concluding remarks

Attendance is free but we have a limit of 50 participants, therefore registration is required.

This website will be updated on a regular basis with all required information.

The meeting is organised by CFIM, the Core Facility for Integrated Microscopy at the University of Copenhagen.

Local organisers:

  • Clara Prats Gavalda, head of light microscopy
  • Thomas Hartig Braunstein, applications specialist
  • Laure Plantard, applications specialist