Electron Microscopy PhD course - October 2017

The course is suitable not only for beginners in microscopy, but also for those who already use microscopy in their work and now want to extend their knowledge of basic principles and more specialised techniques.

The wide range of microscopes available at CFIM allows for a strong practical element, with time for each student to gain hands-on experience coupled with lectures given by renowned scientists.

The course is run in collaboration with The Royal Microscopical Society.

Course content

The course provides an essential grounding in the basic principles of electron microscopy, covering topics such as:

  • Principles of Scanning and Transmitted Electron Microscopy
  • Biological Specimen Preparation
  • Advanced electron microscope techniques (immunogold labeling, electron tomography, and data analysis/visualization).

Next course 15th - 20th of October 2017

Registration is now open
via the PhD school course catalogue

Preliminary Programme

For further information please contact Klaus Qvortrup: qvorturp[at]sund.ku.dk