CDIP - CFIM interest group 2014

CDIP (Clearing Deep Imaging Pioneers) is an interest group at CFIM. Researchers interested in clearing techniques and deep imaging meet regularly to discuss their project/experience/progress within these topics.

Over the past years more and more clearing techniques like Sca/e, SeeDB, PACT and Clarity have emerged. In CFIM we experience an increasing interest in deep imaging methods and know that several groups already work with these techniques. The techniques can be hard to master and depend a lot on the tissues in question, labelling, sample preparation as well as microscopical methods, etc. A lot of expertise is already present in different scientific groups at Panum and we would therefore like our users to come together to share their attempts and experiences with these techniques, in an informal way. Non-CFIM users are of course also welcome, so please bring your colleagues!

We would like everyone to bring protocols and examples of their efforts on a USB stick, in order to show results and kickstart discussions. We will try to form a permanent user group for clearing techniques at the meeting.


Contact Thomas Braunstein if you are interested to join: