LM sample preparation

Histology services including conventional histology, immunohistochemistry and autoradiography can be provided by Histolab for a fee. The services offered include:

Conventional histology

Preparation and examination of human tissues and tissues from experimental animals including investigation of the organs from genetic modified animals.
Trimming and paraffin embedding of tissues, sectioning and staining. Standard stainings are hematoxylin – eosin (HE), periodic-acid-shiff (PAS) for glycoproteins and mucus, and Sirius red primarily for collagen identification.
Other more specialised stainings and decalcification of tissues are also available

See standard staining examples


Identification of receptor proteins or peptides in histologic sections by means of specific antibodies raised against the target proteins. The histolab has available a large selection of in-house antibodies but has also an extensive experience in testing and characterization of new antibodies. Immunoreactions can be visualized for bright field microscopy or fluorescence microscopy.
Researchers not familiar with evaluation of immunoreactions can get assistance for the evaluation of the stainings.

See Immunohistochemistry examples


Radioactive tracers – usually iodinated with I125 can be visualized by autoradiography. This is especially suitable to identify receptorbinding. The tissue localisation of radioactive tracers given intravenously to experimental animals can be visualized in histologic sections of tissues exposed to the tracer. The sections are covered with a fluid photographic film, stored in darkness for some weeks and developed. The emission from the tracer will be seen as black dots on the slide.

See Autoradiography examples

Morphometric analysis

Assistance with quantification of the occurrence of tissue components in histologic slides such as collagen (fibrosis), number of immunoreactive cells (endocrine cells, inflammatory cells, cells in mitosis etc), and dimensions of structures (intestinal villus height, epithelial thickness etc) using the image analysis program “Image Pro Plus”.

For cases which need extensive, specific interpretation, in particular in a scientific context, which are not part of collaborative work involving pathologists, additional consultancy charges will apply (475DKK/€50/hour).

We take no responsibility for new antibodies that we test, you will get charged even if we do not get expected results.

When testing on “in house” antibodies, we can always guarantee positive results on our own positive control tissue.

Staff in the Histolab

Histolab is run by Associate Professor Jens Christian Brings Jacobsen, Associate Professor Steen Seier Poulsen, Biomedical Laboratory Technologist Heidi Paulsen and Biomedical Laboratory Technologist Bente Stærgaard.

Sample submission form - click here

You can either choose to fill in the submission form without contacting the Histolab first, or you can send an email to histolab@sund.ku.dk if you wish to discuss your needs before submitting the form

After submitting the form, you will be contacted regarding delivery of your samples.

Samples should be brought to the Histolab located at the Department of Biomedical Sciences, Panum, 3th floor, building 12.