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Zeiss CellObserver Spinning Disk with TIRF

Spinning disc microscopy is ideal for fast confocal imaging. It is especially useful when imaging fast processes in live cells, for time lapses in 3D or recording large stacks. 

The Cell Observer is also equipped with a Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence microscopy (TIRF) module. In TIRF microscopy laser light strikes the coverslip at a high angle. The excitation light is reflected and only the 100 nm of the sample closest to the coverslip are excited. This leads to an enhanced signal to noise ratio for objects found in close proximity to the coverslip and a greatly enhanced z-resolution.



Spinning disk confocal microscope (CSU-X1)

Detectors AxioCam MRm for TIRF
Soon iXon3 EMCCD camera (Andor) for spinning disc
Detection From 405nm to 750nm


Zeiss Axio Observer Z1

Stage Piezo motorized stage
Software Zeiss Zen Blue 2012
Add. features

Incubator for live cell imaging:

- Temperature: from Room temperature up

- Gas control: CO2, O2, N2

Objective Mag. / NA Medium Contrast Working Distance
EC Plan-Neofluar 10x / 0.3 Air Ph1 5.2 mm
Plan-Apochromat 20x / 0.8 Air - 2.55 mm
LD Plan Neofluar 40x / 0.6 Air - Collar
C Apochromat 40x / 1.2 Water - Collar
C Apochromat 63x / 1.2 Water - Collar
Alpha Plan-Apochromat 100x / 1.46 Oil DIC 0.17 mm

Lasers Type
Some dyes and use
405nm Diode DAPI, Hoechst, ...
458nm Argon CFP
488nm Argon GFP, AlexaFluor488, Cy2
514nm Argon YFP
561nm HeNe RFPs, AlexaFluor568
635nm HeNe DRACQ5, Cy5, AlexaFluor648

Collibri LED Illumination

365nm LED Dapi, Hoechst,...
470nm LED GFP, AlexaFluor488, Cy2
590nm LED AlexaFluor594, Texas red, mPlum...

Wavelength  Fluorochromes
BP450/50 Dapi, Hoechst, AlexaFluor405...
BP485/30 CFP, ...
BP525/50 GFP, FITC, YFP...
BP562/45 Cy3, TRITC, AlexaFluor555, ...
BP629/62 TexasRed, AlexaFluor633, ...
BP690/50 Cy5, Cy5.5, ...
Possibility to exchange filterson the top camera (MRm Spinning Disc)

FILTER CUBES for Mercury lamp (HXP120)
Fluorochrome Excitation Dichroic Emission Filter No
Blue SP365 FT395 BP420-470 49
Green BP470/40 FT495 BP525/50 38HE
Red BP550/25 (HE) FT570 BP605/70


Blue/Green/Red BP 370/40 (HE)
BP 474/28 (HE)
BP 585/35 (HE)
TFT 395
+610 (HE)

TBP 425 
+ 527
+ LP615 (HE)


Cyan/Green/Red TBP 406
+ 489
+ 561 (HE)
TFT 427
+ 503
+ 578 (HE)
TBP 459
+ 525
+ 608 (HE)


Live cell imaging
Spinning disk - fast dynamic processes
Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence TIRF - imaging at the vicinity (100nm) of the coverslips