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Zeiss SteREO Lumar V12 - stereomicroscope

Zeiss SteREO Lumar V12 is a stereomicroscope equipped for both fluorescence and brightfield imaging. It is dedicated to the observation of samples with low magnification. The camera linked to the microscope allows for image recording of the samples. 

Imaging Stereomicroscope
Detectors AxioCam MRm
Microscope SteREOLumar V12
Add. Features Motorized focus
Software Zeiss Zen Blue 2012
Illumination HXP100 for Fluorescence
KL2500LCD Transmission
Objective 1.5x Neolumar S - FWD 30mm
 Zoom 0.8 to 10x


FILTER CUBES for Mercury lamp (HXP120)
Fluorochrome Excitation  Dichroic  Emission  Filter No
Blue BP365/12 FT 395 LP397 01
Green BP470/40 (HE)  FT 495 (HE) BP525/50 (HE) 38 HE
Red BP546/12 FT 560 BP575-640 20




Brightfield and darkfield microscopy
UV, red and green fluorescence
Digital image capture
Time lapse


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