Laser Microdissection

Microdissection allows one to select and isolate part of a sample and use it for further studies (RT-PCR, protein analysis, selection of live cells). Laser microdissection can also be used with live samples to study recovery after a cut, protein recruitment after photodamage… The system is paired with optical tweezer to manipulate samples.

This widefield microscope is equipped with:

  • 3 sets of filters for imaging (Blue/Green/Red)
  • a laser microdissection unit - dissection and recovery of cells or subcellular compartments,
  • optical tweezers - mechanical manipulation of cells or samples without contact by using an infra-red laser,
  • an incubator for live cell imaging (time lapse).


Imaging Widefield
Specificity Laser Microdissection
Optical Tweezers
Cameras AxioCamIcc1 version3
AxioCam MRm version3


Zeiss Axio Observer Z1

Stage Motorized in XYZ
Software Robo software 4.2 Pro
Incubator Incubator (temperature + gas control) XL PALM S1 system


Objective markings

Objective Mag. / NA Medium Contrast Working Distance
Fluar 5x / 0.3 Air - 12.5 mm
LD Plan Neofluar 20x / 0.4 Air - Adjustable
LD Plan Neofluar 40x / 0.4 Air - Adjustable
Plan-Neofluar 63x / 0.75 Oil - Adjustable
Plan-Apochromat 63x / 1.4 Oil DIC III 0.19 mm
Plan Neofluar 100x / 1.3 Oil - 0.2 mm

FILTER CUBES for Mercury lamp (HXP120)

Fluorochrome Excitation Dichroic Emission Filter No
Blue SP365 FT395 BP420-470 49
Green BP470/40 FT495 BP525/50 38HE
Red BP550/25 (HE) FT570 BP605/70


Suggested references

Laser microdissection
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  • Isolation of live cells
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Optical tweezers
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Protocols from Zeiss

Quick guide to the PALM ROBOsoftware