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CorrSight - Widefield and spinning disc microscope

The CorrSight is a light microscope built for live microscopy as well as correlative light and electron microscopy experiments. It's run by the MAPS software, which is also present on some of CFIM electron microscopes, allowing registration between the images recorded in electron and light microscopy.

It is equipped with a spinning disc,  which is ideal for fast confocal imaging. It is especially useful when imaging fast processes in live cells, for time lapses in 3D or recording large stacks. 

It has also a cryo-stage allowing the observation of vitrified samples, before transferring them to a cryo-TEM/SEM. *coming soon!*


Microscope stand

Inverted microscope, with high precision XYZ stage.
  • Live Acquisition: the software dedicated to pure light microscopy experiments allowing multiple channels, multiple positions, stacks, time lapses, and combinations thereof.
  • MAPS: FEI solution for CLEM. The use of fiducial markers allows to locate your sample both on the CorrSight and on an electron microscope
  • Offline Analysis: integrated analysis software.
Live module

Stage incubator with:

  • temperature control: from room temperature to 37°C;
  • atmosphere control: CO2, O2, N2;
  • a perfusion system.
Cryo module Dedicated to the imaging of vitrified sample with light microscopy. *coming soon!*
Sample holders a ranger of holders is available to accommodate slides, chambers, grids, ...
Imaging mode Widefield Spinning disk

Hamamatsu ORCA-Flash 4.0 - sCMOS camera

Hamamatsu ORCA-Flash 4.0 - sCMOS camera


with Oligochrome:

  • 390nm (DAPI, Hoechst...)
  • 475/482nm (GFP, AF488...)
  • 563nm (AF568, mCherry, ...)
  • 640nm (AF647, ...)
  • Transmission (phase contrast)


  • 405nm (DAPI, Hoechst...)
  • 488nm (GFP, AF488...)
  • 561nm (AF568, mCherry, ...)
  • 640nm (AF647, ...)

Objective Mag. / NA CG
Im. Contrast FWD
EC Plan-Neofluar 5x / 0.16  0.17 Air - 18.5mm
Plan-Apochromat 20x / 0.8  0.17 Air - 0.55mm
EC Plan-Neofluar 40x / 0.9  0.17 Air Pol 0.41mm
Plan Apochromat 63x / 1.4 0.17 Oil - 0.19mm

Mag. = Magnification; NA= Numerical Aperture; CG = coverglass thickness; Im. = Immersion; FWD = Free working distance (distance objective - sample).

Live cell imaging
Spinning disk - imaging of fast dynamic processes, or of thick samples
CLEM -  some protocols will be added in the near future