XL FEG 30 – University of Copenhagen


The XL30 FEG is a high resolution scanning electron microscope (SEM).

With this microscope you can investigate samples up to several millimeters in diameter. The electron optical column is optimized for operation with high brightness and high beam current. The electron source is a field emission gun (FEG), which significantly extends the use of high spatial resolution. The integration of advanced electron optics with extensive system automation has produced an advanced analytical scanning microscope of high performance and flexibility.

The microscope has an easy to use interface that operates within the Microsoft environment. All given commands are translated into actions, just by using the mouse and keyboard. Intermediate functions include rotation-free focusing, auto focus, auto stigmation, auto contrast/brightness and on screen measurements.


Acceleration voltage:

1kV - 30kV

Magnification range:

25 x - 600.000 x

E-beam imaging,

the resolution of the Xl30 FEG is 2.0 nm at 30kV with the SED


  • SED, Everhart Thornley secondary electron detector.
  • SS-BSED is a solid state backscattered electron detector
  • IR camera, Integrated Infra-Red inspection camera for viewing at the sample/column inside the chamber.


  • Image processing is done with the Scandium software for simple image acquiring and auto-storage into the Scandium database.
    There is also the possibility to transfer data directly to your personal (P or Q) network drive (only available for SUND members), to store it on the CFIM (Q) network drive or to save your images directly on your personal external HD/USB flash drive.